Call Evil Good and Good Evil — When Sin Becomes a Norm

is god for or against me hedonism

“Woe unto them that call evil good and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!” Isaiah 5:20 KJV

As society continues to push for what I describe as “elusive advancement”; we are without a doubt diving deeper into dangerous times through trepasses and transgressions. The biggest problem is that man is phasing out the barrier separating right and wrong until the ultimate goal is achieved: tolerance. To achieve this illustrious goal, it has become necessary for man to pass sin off as appealing things to society: artistry, lifestyle choices, profound self-expression, and many other concepts that will dilute the entire nature of sin.

I know we have reached the day baby boomers dreaded and feared: when we hold sexual immorality near and dear to our hearts. Yes I said sexual immorality as a whole because certain “branches” of immoral sex shouldn’t be singled out. Homosexuality seems to be a huge problem and I agree it is, but it is merely a pawn to distract, deceive, and play on people’s lustful desires; while distancing ourselves away from the King of kings.

Homosexuality is merely a tool to continue to cottle and massage the wants of society so they can ignore or become dumb down to the real threat. The devil knows exactly what He’s doing and its not a new course of action he is taking. The scary thing isn’t what Satan is doing or capable of doing (which is not very much especially if you’re a true believer of Jesus Christ); it’s the fact that generations are becoming more willing to give themselves over to fleshly desires and seducing spirits to satisfy their own carnal cravings.

The above scripture is very accurate in foreshadowing and warning mankind in this danger that is imminent today. Why is this dangerous? Let me provide a scenario one probably hasn’t consider: homosexuality isn’t considered as extreme as murdering someone right? But in order to continue indulging in this desire, man has to produce artificial means of support to sustain homosexual practices. For example, if two homosexuals desire children from their relationships, they have to rely on methods of adoption (which requires their arch enemy heterosexuals) or scientific breakthroughs which is all man-centered or completely unnatural.

Well what if the same was said for murder? What if we as people ignore God like we’re in heavy activity of doing, and one day decided that murder was necessary to hold someone accountable or provide consequences? In order to transform murder into a tolerance or an acceptable desire into society, once again man will be tasked with implement artificial systems to counteract the negative results of death or injury if they are allowed to survive.

As man has done with sexual immorality putting into place condoms for sexual protection, contraceptives, birth control to alleviate the consequences God has attached for exploring outside the marital union and permit selfish behavior, then it only disrupts, distorts, and destroys the order.

God has put into place his own systems for natural occurrences and consequences. When man tries to avert that with his own means in an effort to gain/win more control over the natural proceedings, we are unconsciously or possibly purposely telling God “You messed up, this is not how things are supposed to be ran.

We can do better at dictating the natural order of things.” But according to Romans 1:27, God attaches succinct, natural consequences to sin no matter man’s efforts in configuring sin into comfort. We are so caught up and celebrating the wrong doings…when that promiscuous uncle with 10 kids by 10 different women jumps and celebrates his nephew’s first piece with a resounding, “My boy!” we are violating what is warned to us in Isaiah 5:20—rewarding wicked and confusing actions with compliments, monetary acknowledgements and accolades and so forth.

Aleister Crowley believed in pushing the human envelope through debauchery and perversion. And it looks as if perversion is the best way “pushing humans beyond their limitations and achieving higher levels evolution.” Is it more important to achieve evolution through a counterfeit or evolution through Christ – the only true vine to climb to reach the top?