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Text and Video Book Overview

Two strong, military lovers flourishing in their relationship are torn apart when a "Stranger" from above enters their relationship. What happens when one man leaves a lifestyle behind to be with another man that claims salvation of the soul? How does the other spouse handle his man for handling another "man"? You don't wanna miss this adrenaline rush of emotions as Human Desires clash against Faith fighting for the Hearts of Men!

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Reader Testimonials

"A well-written story carefully addressing a sensitive issue inside a suspense that gave me an adrenaline rush from begininng to end! Bible references aren't just shoved into sentences; they are tied in so well that they don't distract making the narrative more memorable. With so much packed into a short novel, I can't wait to read future works."

Meagan Gaskill
-Teacher and avid reader

"I'm not much of a reader, but when I heard about this story, I had to read it. And I wasn't disappointed--the details painted such intense imagery that dropped my jaw too many times to count! I couldn't stop reading once I got started."

Itsel Solis

"From the first to the last page this story is fast-paced going full speed to a surprise ending. Though the dialogue is a tad comical at times, it made the story more entertaining regardless of its seriousness. Never a dull moment and you still get the message because the message is the story."

Whitney Taylor
-Stay-at-home Mother

About the Author


I have been writing since the wee age of 12 trained under some of the best English teachers the planet could spit out, ha ha! But no seriously, not to sound like a teenage girl holding her diary tight to her chest, writing has been the best way for me to understand a lot of things: my emotions, thoughts, and my surroundings. This may be a bit cliche, but it's true. I've been very blessed by the good Lord with a talent to understand "words" and manipulate them akin to a mutant ability.

Stephen King once defined writing as "a form of telepathy between the reader and the author." I couldn't agree more (though I am far from promoting esoteric methods of telepathic communication). I wish to continue to influence, entertain, inspire, or do whatever purpose is intended for each piece of prose produced. However, one recurring theme will always be a present priority in anything I write: education of our Lord Jesus Christ and the Most High God of the Bible. Somewhere in all this fluff we call fiction and non-fiction, the truth is there ready to be recieved in one form or another.

DeShaun Johnson currently resides in Waco, TX with his wife and two children; and when he is not writing, he is: web developing, playing Mr. Mom, teaching, furthering the kingdom of God, and/or...retro gaming it up.

For more info on the author, visit deshaunjohnson.com